Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a Week you would like to forget

Monday, 2/23/09:
(AM) Debbie: Sinus Surgery. Not too bad, just a necessary evil, hopefully with a long-term benefit.

Tuesay, 2/23/09:
(AM) Debbie: Back to the doctor for check-up and "clean-out". The "clean-out" spray is SUPER nasty tasting.

(AM) Mom: Calls to say the results of her biopsy show that she has cancer in her breast. She has an appointment on Friday with her surgeon in Jackson that performed the biopsy.

(all-night) Debbie: became best friends with her toilet (nausea)

Debbie: ran fever, slept (noisily), couldn't breathe, voice very weak
Mom : Decisions to in touch with MD Anderson, transferred paperwork to MD Anderson

Friday, 2/27/09:
Debbie: more sinus clean out, more fever
Mom : Met with the Surgeon. Angela came from Illinois to go with her. The good news (if there is any such thing with this) is that it is stage 1 with no expected complications in treatment. The surgeon said he wants to do the surgery as soon as possible if he is the one to do it. She has decided to definitely go to MD Anderson for the second opionion and most likely will decide to get treated there.


I get one more week off from work then have to go back. I wish I had a few more weeks off so I could help if she is going to Houston, but the timing worked against us. Hopefully we will have some good posts mixed in with the unpleasant cancer posts. Hope everyone else is doing well....until next time....

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Philip and Renie said...

What a week! So sorry to hear about your mom. Please keep us posted. We've got y'all in our prayers.