Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Updates - Cancer, family, etc.

It has been pretty busy these last few weeks.

My mother had her lumpectomy to remove the cancer and all tests have come back looking positive towards a full recovery. She had genetic testing and results show she is not carrying the cancer gene which was very good news. She starts radiation treatments tomorrow which will continue for about 6 weeks.

My grandmother passed away peacefully in her home. Although it is sad for her to be gone, she is in a much better place now. It has been hard the last several years with her not recognizing us due to her Alzheimer's disease. Hopefully she is reunited with the loved ones that passed before her. It was nice to see extended family even though it would have been better under different circumstances.

May is always busy with the school year wrapping up. We've had Teacher Appreciation Week and are truly thankful for the wonderful job the teachers do in our school. Collieville Elementary is a great school and my kids love it!

Kelly has started practicing with the POM team and absolutely loves it. Right now all she wants to do is dance! I hope the enthusiasm sticks with her.

Carleigh wants to play tennis and swim this summer. She is looking forward to having lots of fun!

I am looking forward to spending this summer at home with my wonderful kids. This will be my time to reflect, de-stress and just completely enjoy my break! I can tell I sure need one! I hope you enjoy your summer as well!