Sunday, February 1, 2009

Debbie "bit the dust" at the Barn

Facebook has been taking all my time these days and it is keeping me from updating this blog!!

We had such a beautiful day today that Kelly and I decided to go to the barn and ride our horse. Kelly did most of the riding and I decided to just get on and do a 'quick ride". Well, a quick ride is what it was all right!! When I got close to the jump I asked Truman to trot. He trotted for a few strides and the closer he got to the jump the faster he decided to go. He quickly moved into a full canter just before the first jump and since I knew I couldn't slow him down at that point I just held on for dear life. A few strides later we were "flying" over the second jump and I was still hanging on for dear life. A few MORE strides later he started making his turn to keep from running into the fence. Well he went right at his full canter speed and I went "RIGHT OFF!"

Luckily, nothing is broken, but I was sore instantly which was not a good sign. My "butt" hurts the worst - if anything else hurts it is over-powered by the butt pain. I have taken the strongest medicine we have in the house and yet the slightest movement is still excruciating. I knew I was too old to take up horseback riding!! I fought the horse and the horse won!! (which is usual!!)

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Philip and Renie said...

I still remember how much it hurt falling of a horse when I was a little girl. My fanny and side, ouch! The horse took off running after my uncle left for just a second. The horse stopped short at the fence sending me sailing through the air. That horse's name was Shotgun.