Saturday, March 7, 2009


Carleigh's birthday was Thursday March 5th. She wanted to have a birthday party, but she changed her mind about where she wanted her party every day. Sometimes twice a day. Not to mention that I am a procrastinator and a poor planner most of the time! Therefore, until tonight, we did not have party plans for Carleigh!
We finally settled on a movie for her school friends two weeks from tonight. We've done worse, I'm sure! Now, if we can just get the invitations out within the next couple of days we will be doing good! I did take her out to eat, to a movie and to eat ice cream on her actual birthday so she felt like she had something on her birthday. Also, Greg and took cookies to school for her class and ate with her. So, we aren't ALL bad! :-)

Now...Kelly's birthday is Monday, March 9th. She has several different circles of friends and always wants about 3 different parties. Again, I procrastinate and we eventually have one with just a few friends that is about 2 to 3 weeks late. No parents of the year awards here, but, I think they love us anyway!!

We don't know when our horse's birthday is so the girls decided that it should be between their birthdays. Therefore, today was Truman's birthday. They both had friends over so I think they forgot. I went to the barn to check on him today and told him Happy Birthday, so all is good with all the 'kids'! Truman is such a pretty thing!

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