Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where there's smoke....

Thank goodness there was no fire....this time!!

This is what you get when you put your computer bag on the stove, and somehow by putting the bag on the stove you accidently turn it on......

After putting my bag on the stove, I turned around to read the mail. It wasn't long before I started smelling something funny. I turned around and saw smoke billowing from underneath the bag. You don't even WANT to know what I was saying as I yanked the bag from the stove!! Carleigh came running in the kitchen wanting to know what was going on.

We immediately opened the doors and windows to let the smoke out. I was so thankful that I didn't go to the back of the house like I usually do. For some reason, the smoke detectors didn't go off, even though the batteries are still working. Maybe it was the lightening speed in which I yanked the bag off the stove. I don't usually put my computer bag on the stove, and I don't know why I did on Friday. But I do know that I will not do it again!!!

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