Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tooth Fairy

Kelly had 6 of her baby teeth removed on Thursday. An oral surgeon in Germantown did the extractions and he was just wonderful. They gave her a little valium to help her relax and take the edge off. Then, they gave her anesthesia so she wouldn't be awake during the procedure.

The first picture is of her about 30 minutes after the valium.

This picture is of Kelly and the nurse after the procedure. She does not remember sitting down in the office, or anything that she said on the way home. She was pretty funny in her 'medicinal stupor'. In case you are wondering, she has guaze in her mouth.
She left a note for the tooth fairy that night that said....

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I just had surgery and got 6 teeth pulled and went through pain, so can you please give me a little exra money please!

I think the tooth fairy felt sorry for her and gave her some extra money AND a new Webkinz. Kelly seemed to be pretty happy about that!

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