Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vandy Girl - Close Call for our Dog

This is our very sweet baby 'Vandy Girl'. She will be 14 in October and we were worried that she wouldn't live long enough for us to celebrate that milestone. Not that we have a party or anything, but we do take notice of it.

If you notice in the picture, Vandy is tilting her head to one side. The tilt is MUCH less noticeable now than it was this past weekend. Additionally, she was unable to stand on her own, but now she is getting her 'land legs' back. Her hips have been bothering her for quite some time and we thought that her legs/hips had just finally given out on her. Luckily for us, we are pretty sure it is old dog 'Vestibular Disease' (symptoms like inner ear problems).

Her poor little world was just spinning which caused her to be unable to get her balance. Our kids were devasted (no more so than I was) to think she might be in her last days, so we are just ecstatic for her to have this problem instead! We know the day will come, but we just aren't ready for it yet!!!


Philip and Renie said...

And she lived long enough to see Vandy beat South Carolina! Glad to see Vandy is feeling better!

The Brooks family said...

OMG! I hope this isn't because she got stressed with Tikki there! I'm very glad Vandy's alright! <3

With lots of ♥