Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kelly is a Memphis Elite Pom Dancer!

Yeah! I'm so happy for Kelly! She made the Memphis Elite Junior Pom/Dance Team. She is soooo excited! I haven't seen her this excited about an extra-curricular activity in a long time. Of course, that is subject to change at any time, but she really does love the kind of dancing/moving that the pom squad does. AND naturally, she gets all that rhythm and talent from me! Ok, anybody who really knows me and has seen me dance can get off the floor now and quit he-hawing! I have a lot of coordination for sports, but don't ask me to move my hips one way and my shoulders a different way and by the way, where in the world would my mid-section be going while my hips and shoulders are moving in different direction???? Why, I can't even clap to a beat, much less dance to one!

Anyway, back to the point....My understanding is that the owner and coaches of this team are very talented and they win a lot of National Championships for both cheer and dance. Matter of fact, one of the Mem Elite dance teams got their expenses paid to Worlds because they did so well. The dance coach is also the coach for the U of Memphis Dance team as well. Because of this, Kelly will most likely get a chance to perform a half-time show at a U of Memphis Tigers home game at some point and I KNOW she will be very excited about doing that.

My niece, Ashley, wanted to know what Pom is since a lot of schools just have Cheer. Pom is a lot like Cheer, but they do not usually do the "stunts" or gymnastics/back-hand-springs/pyramids, back-tucks, etc. that cheerleaders do. They usually perform with pom-poms (cheerleaders do sometimes when they aren't doing heavy stunting) but POM incorporates more dance moves rather than stunts. They will sometimes do hip-hop and jazz performances and sometimes they will look a lot like cheer performances with just slight differences (like adding dance techniques minus the stunts). I'm not a Pom "guru", that's just what I've gathered from VERY FEW observations. Anyhoo.....I'm just happy because Kelly is happy!!!

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judy said...

CONGRATS! thats awesome.