Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mom Gets "Rockin" Review

Carleigh, my 7 year old, gave me the following letter Wednesday night.

Dear Mom,
Truman is the best horse. He is my best friend. Thank you for the puzzles. The dog one is cute and (thank you for) the webkinz . I like all of my presents but the one I love most is the Wii. And thank you for letting me and Caroline do WeCarly. You rock!
Love, Carleigh

It is so nice to know that "I rock" as a mom! I guess I better enjoy it now...most people say that teenagers no longer think their parents rock.

Carleigh and her friend from school (Caroline) decided to start a web show similar to the iCarly tv/web show. They were going to call it iRock but Caroline's mom suggested they name it WeCarly because they almost named Caroline "Carly", and they sometimes call her Carly as a nick-name.

So, now you know some of the reasons my 7 year old thinks her mom "rocks". I couldn't be more proud! (smile)

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Judy said...

Debbie- that is a major accomplishment if your child thinks you rock! Rock on Momma!