Saturday, October 11, 2008

Road Trip! Tina Turner Concert in Chicago!

My favorite Tina Song....
You Better Be Good To Me!! That's how its gotta be now...Cause I don't have no use for what you loosely call the truth, you better be good to me!!!

For all you youngsters out there, even though Tina is about 100 years old, she DOES NOT look it and she actually put on a pretty good concert! I'm not a huge Tina fan, but I do really like some of her songs. My college girl friends and I wore out the above song singing it to our boyfriends in college. And yes, believe it or not, Greg was the one I was singing it to!

My sister, Angela, and I took our girls (Ashley, Kelly and Carleigh) to the concert. They were by far the youngest people there, but they did enjoy the concert and the trip to Chicago.

Some of you may be more familiar with "Rolling on the River" - (song name is actually "Proud Mary") and "What's Love Got to Do With It?". And, for those that didn't know it, Tina grew up outside of Brownsville in Nutbush. She even wrote a song about it called Nutbush City Limits. Rumor has it that Oprah, Stedman, and Tom Cruise were at the Chicago concert on Friday - however, we were there on Saturday.

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