Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome, New Nephew!

My sister, Delia, had her baby boy today! Yeah!

I don't have a lot of the details, but this is what I know so far. (I'm getting this information from Angela and my mother for now, but I'll talk to her when she has time to rest some more).

His name is William Buckley and they are calling him Will. They named him after one of Jeff's good friends. We are not sure if they decided on his middle name yet.

He was born around 2:30 AM by C-section. He is just shy of 8 pounds and is healthy with dark hair (at least for now - he may end up with blonde hair like Bay). Delia is pretty tired after being in labor for 2 nights and then going through the ordeal of a C-section. The baby is having some problems with his gag reflex and holding down his milk, but other than that he appears to be just fine.

Congratulations Delia, Jeff and Bay on your newest little addition! Can't wait to see him!!

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